World Hyundai is your bad car credit dealership of choice

World Hyundai Can Help with Bad Credit in the Chicagoland Area

People with bad credit don’t have to worry about purchasing a car when they go to World Hyundai in Matteson, IL. They help people and are often known as the car dealer for bad credit. It doesn’t matter whether the person has a judgment, bankruptcy, repossessions or liens; World Hyundai in Matteson provides bad credit car loans that fit each person’s budget.

Establishing new credit is so important with a low credit score or serious blemish on a credit report. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get credit approval to do that. Paying for a car loan in a timely fashion can help do that, while also providing dependable transportation to work to maintain the cash flow necessary to pay all the bills. Anyone who has ever experienced continuous breakdowns understands their job can be in jeopardy after just missing a day or two because of car problems.

Often paying a car loan is far cheaper than paying for constant repairs to a present vehicle. Gas mileage may also be better on a newer model car. Many people that have older cars, but bad credit, keep putting more money into their present vehicle because they don’t believe there is any alternative. They don’t understand there are specialists that can help get them back on the road in a dependable vehicle. Instead of making a monthly payment on a dependable car, they pay continuous car repair bills that are often higher than the monthly payment on a newer vehicle in good repair.

People who don’t have a car also understand just how expensive not having a dependable car can be. While using public transportation is often affordable, it doesn’t always go to the location of the best jobs, hours don’t mesh with the work times or the jobs require personal transportation. Those who don’t have a car don’t have the option of all the best jobs on the market and often can’t improve their personal financial situation because of it.

For those who already work, but want to continue their education toward a new career of their dreams, which can help their family live in a better lifestyle, having dependable transportation is of utmost importance. It releases them from the confines of the Metra or bus schedule that can extra hours to an already long day. It’s far more comfortable to drive home late at night than it is to wait at the bus or Metra station and ride the train that then requires walking alone to get home once the bus or train arrives at the destination. Many people don’t realize there is an option and bad credit doesn’t have to prevent them from reaching for their dreams. Bad credit car loans are available.

For single parents or in families where both parents work, an extra car can eliminate the need for child care or help reduce the cost, often lowering the budget even more than the cost of the car payment. Being able to spend more time with the children isn’t always possible if parents depend on public transportation to get to work, neither is juggling hours so one parent is always available for child care. Securing a car or a second car can often make the difference, giving the children more quality time with parents and often reducing the cash outflow. Most people never try because they don’t know about the car dealer for bad credit, World Hyundai in Matteson.

Bad credit, bankruptcy, repossessions and judgments might destroy the past, but no one should let them destroy their future. There is a way for almost everyone to purchase a vehicle regardless of past credit problems and help them establish better credit for the future. Nobody needs to worry whether their car will get to work when there’s a car dealer for bad credit in the area.


The All-New 2014 Silverado Changes Inside and Out

Car buyers in the Chicago, Fox Lake, Antioch, and Grayslake areas know Rock Chevy is the place for low price deals on top Chevy models. This year, Rock Chevy is the place to go to see the all-new 2014 Silverado. With updates both inside and outside of this classic American workhorse, it’s no wonder why the new Silverado is already causing a stir!

2014Chevrolet SilveradoRockChevy

On the outside, Chicago, Fox Lake, Antioch and Grayslake truck lovers will love the stylistic changes for the new 2014 Silverado. Although low prices are an important deciding factor many car buyers first fall in love with a truck’s looks. Gone are the slab sides of last year’s model, giving the new Silverado more modern styling, and the massive amount of chrome added to the front end makes the 2014 Chevy Silverado look fearsome.

Inside, the new cabin is quieter than ever before, thanks to new improved body mounts. The upgraded materials, make the Silverado feel more luxurious. The additional storage compartments and cubbies also make it more functional. At higher trim levels, high-tech gadgetry comes in with the new MyLink multi-media interface, featuring an 8-inch touchscreen display, with redundant buttons and knobs. Although the basic dimensions for the Silverado’s cab are basically the same as the 2013 model, the rear of the double cab has more legroom, thanks to redesigned front seat backs. Plus, your front seat passengers will love the increased range on their seat adjustment.

Under the hood of the all-new Silverado, Chicago, Fox Lake, Antioch, and Grayslake drivers are going to love the the increased power. The 5.3-liter V8 now puts out an awesome 355 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque. The new 4.3-liter V6 offers greater fuel efficiency but still puts out an impressive 285 horsepower and 305 pound-feet of torque. These Gen5 small block Ecotec3 engines boost fuel efficiency with cylinder deactivation technology and sport direct injection. Towing ratings with a Max Trailering package is improved to a hefty maximum of 11,400 pounds.

Of course big news for the 2014 Chevy Silverado is that despite all of these upgrades and improvements, pricing for the 2014 model remains the same. For Chicago, Fox Lake, Antioch, and Grayslake truck buyers looking for a low price, this is excellent news! Rock Chevy is the place to go for the best selection of 2014 Chevy Silverados, with the options you’re looking for at the low price you need.


Find great automotive service in Hull

Right car servicing and Repairs in Hull

If you are looking for Hull car service look no further than RightCar…the premier auto service dealership in Hull.

Rightcar offer superior car servicing, Repair and MOT’s at sensible prices in Hull and Beverley. We offer three types of service.

Bronze service -This includes small service including Oil and filter change with a full visual inspection

Silver Service - This is an interim service Includes stripped front brakes, Oil and Filter change and includes FREE MOT!

Gold Service - This is a full vehicle service with all breaks stripped, Oil and fuel filter Changed Plus a FREE MOT!


No matter what your decision, you can be assured that RightCar will have your car covered. The next time your car needs servicing, choose RightCar.



Buy a warranty for used cars

When you buy a warranty for used cars, you are doing nothing more than lending yourself a really big helping hand. You see, even when you purchase a used car, it is recommended that you accompany that purchase with a warranty for said used car. In fact, you can think that it is always a good idea to get a warranty for a used car. The thing about warranties is that they exist to make certain that no surprises should happen to your new used car. As it currently stands, it is in fact not the fault of the dealer if something—anything at all—should go wrong with after you purchase your used car so protecting yourself through a warranty is highly recommended. Even though used car dealers have a swell reputation for not wanting to leave behind a long list of dissatisfied customers and do their darnedest to make used cars prepared for customers, things can and will still go wrong, on occasion.

If you buy a warranty for used cars, it is just a matter of playing it safe, which is always a good choice. You see, a warranty for your used car will give the owner all-important peace of mind in the event of any unscheduled repair bills. These warranties for used cars offer owners coverage for many of the electrical and even mechanical dilemmas that can happen to your new used car. This also includes parts and labor, just so you know. Sometimes, if you get really, really lucky, the used car warranty that you can pick up might even include unlimited mileage. Such a warranty that features an unlimited mileage condition is extremely useful because owners will therefore not have to be concerned about coming to a set warranty and then having their warranty end on them.

A used car warranty normally works in this following way. Such a warranty usually covers a car for a certain length of time or for a certain amount of miles, whichever of these conditions is met first. So, for example, a used car warranty can be used for a period of time that may be a few months or even more than a year. Similarly, said warranty can also be utilized for a certain number of miles, for example, for 5000 miles or so.

In some cases, there may well be a need to repair the car under the terms of the warranty. In such a situation, it is usually better to get in touch with the trader prior to the actual work of repairs being performed on the car. The reason that this is normally recommended is because of the fact that said warrant could well become void and thereby leave the new owner with the responsibility to pay the applicable costs.

Finally, a used car warranty also works to give the owner a very important sense of confidence. Such a warranty is going to provide the new owner with a guarantee that the vehicle has passed a tough inspection and is in first-rate condition. Furthermore, the warranty of a used car is basically a guarantee to ensure that that vehicle is going to stay in that top condition.

As you can see, buying a warranty for any used car is always going to be a really good idea for a number of reasons. Not only is it about peace of mind for the new owner, but it is also about having something to fall back on…just in case. Just because your car is used does not mean that you cannot benefit from having a warranty!


Social Media for Car Dealers – Increase Your Sales Instantly!

Recent studies indicate that social media for car dealers has the potential to drastically increase automotive sales. The automotive industry and the individuals that deal within the industry, until recently, have been known to be a bit behind when it comes to marketing initiatives. However, in recent years, the industry has made exceptional strides to catch up to the innovative and technologically advanced marketing strategies that are made possible by the internet and social media venues. Examples of the most popular social media websites being used by car dealers, car dealer reviews and review sites in the automotive industry are Facebook and Twitter. If you want to harness the true power of the internet when it comes to selling cars, it is in your best interest to learn as much as possible about the advantages of social media. For the purpose and intent of this social marketing guide, we will focus on social media for car dealers using Facebook.

The Statistics

In order to understand the positive effective that social media for car dealers has on professionals in the automotive industry, let’s review some basic statistics regarding the social media giant, Facebook:

  • Approximately 50% of all of the individuals that utilize Facebook have become a friend of a brand, or have elected to “Like” a brand’s Fan Page.
  • According to research, Facebook receives nearly 300 billion views each and every single month, worldwide.
  • When Facebook was compared to Google for an entire week, it was established that the social media website received more traffic than the search engine in the United States.
  • According to the most recent statistics, there are more than 70 million updates issued through statuses on Facebook each and every single day.
  • Nearly half of all of the users of Facebook recently stated that they would tell others or recommend certain products that they have viewed on Facebook.

Now that we have reviewed a bit of the statistics surrounding Facebook, let’s take a look at some statistics pertaining to social media, in general:

  • There are well over 1 billion individuals throughout the world that are on the internet. At least ¾ of these users will use at least one social platform.
  • Well over 80% of all major companies currently social media platforms for advertising, recruiting and other profitable endeavors.
  • Nearly 100% of all internet users expect a company to have an online presence on a social media platform – especially Facebook.
  • Nearly 50% of all social media platform users state that information listed on social media platforms heavily influences their decision to purchase big ticket items such as electronics and automobiles.
  • Visiting and engaging with others through social media networks is ranked as one of the top four internet activities that individuals engage in on a regular basis.

The Advantages

As you can see, social media for car dealers has the potential to be extremely popular. Whether you focus on car dealer reviews and review sites for the automotive industry, in general, or specialize in selling vehicles, you are sure to benefit from taking advantage of social media platforms, such as Facebook. There are numerous strategies for social media for car dealers. These include sharing news and professional views from automobile dealerships, share pictures of your vehicle stock, develop exclusive content that delivers special offers to your fans, provide offers to individuals that elect to “Like” your page and develop questions on Facebook that will assist in collecting important data from your customers. In a world where the economy has consumers hesitating to purchase automobiles, you need an “edge” to achieve success. By utilizing social media for car dealers, you succeed at developing your “edge”.